A cabin in the mountains above Kotor Bay

After a little deliberation I have decided that the best way to keep everyone up to date about what is going on with my new project was a blog. I am sure that this will be a truly painful experience for all of the literate family/friends who decide to fill 5 minutes of their work procrastination quota with my runaway dreams. For this reason, I will try and keep text concise and proof read.

I have decided to ‘risk a heap of all my winnings on just one turn of pitch-and-toss’ and hopefully not lose. This is the start of a great adventure I hope to share with many of you in person!

I aim to post at irregular intervals with a brief overview of what is going on and how the place is looking, with a bit of local culture and activities thrown in.

I speak no Serbo-Croat, have never seen the land I have purchased and have no real plans for the future… what could go wrong…

Latest from the Blog

Jesi li vidio mog konja? Have you seen my horse?

After some time on the coast, we scooped up the new arrivals and headed, via Kotor, back up to the mountains. That evening two other mates turned up so we had a good crowd once again, ready to go and BBQ up at the top of Straznik for the second time. With the extra people,…

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A relaxing Break

A delayed flight led to a midnight arrival in an overloaded campervan up a precarious driveway, a quick sweep of the porch gave two of us a spot to settle in for the night to wait for Joko (Boro and a lot of food, Raki and beers) to unlock the doors in the morning. In…

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Friday the 13th

In two days time I will fly out to Dubrovnik, cross the border to Montenegro and hopefully by early Saturday morning I will be opening a door to my cabin, and a new chapter in my life. I’m happy I will not be alone and will be able to enjoy the tension of nearly two…

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